Top 10 Life Changing Kitchen Tools

Cooking! You either love it or hate it. I personally love it, however, I hate it when I’m not set up for success and step #1 of setting yourself up for success is making sure you have the right tools to make your job just a bit easier. Whether or not your skills would impress, non other than, Gordon Ramsay, these kitchen tools will surely make your time spent in the kitchen much more simple, and enjoyable!

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Tool #1: Grape Slicer

This is probably one of my favorite tools. If your kids are anything like my kids, they love grapes, and if you’re anything like me, you hate cutting grapes. It’s tedious, takes forever, and it’s just plain no fun. However, being that it’s necessary so that my kiddos can enjoy this snack safely, this seemed like a very necessary purchase!

There are a few different kinds of grape slicer out there, but here’s one that I like the best and it’s only $10.99!

Tool #2: 3-in-1 Avocado Tool

Avocados are delicious, healthy, and simply annoying to work with. Whether or not you like to enjoy your avocados on a sandwich, toast, or mashed into an amazing guac, we’ve all experienced how annoying it is to need at least 3 different utensils to work with one avocado. Well, I discovered this little gem and it’s a game changer for avocados.

As seen here for only $9.99, this tool does it all, splits the avocado, removes the pit, and then removes the fruit all with one beautiful tool.

Tool #3: Dessert Decorator Pro

This thing. Let me tell you. It’s fantastic. As someone who loves the idea of home baking, my visions are always prettier than my finished product. However, with this little baby, decorating cakes and cupcakes has never been easier! While this tool may be on the pricer side, if you find yourself baking at home a lot and want to up your decorating game, then it may be worth your investment! You can see this tool, at $34.29 below.

Tool #4: Vegetable Chopper/Slicer

Ever start chopping and slicing veggies for a salad, or soup, or whatever, and feel like you’ve stood over your cutting board for way longer than you’d like to admit? That’s been me a time or two and this tool makes chopping, slicing, dicing, etc. your vegetables a breeze. You can find several variations of this type of tool to fit your needs, but this one is a great price at $31.99 and super versatile.

Tool #5: Apple Slicer

Apples are delicious and nutritious! While they are easy enough to cut with your standard knife, this job still has room for improvement. Introducing the Apple Slicer, this little baby can help you slice up apples for the whole family in a jiffy! For 2 of them for only $11.99 as seen here, it’s quite a no brainer.

Tool #6: Food Processor

Okay, this one may not be a nifty little tool like the other’s I’ve listed so far, but it certainly is one that will make your time spent in the kitchen much simpler. There are many ways to use food processors that can save you some serious alone time with your knife! You can whip up amazing dips. salsas, purees, pie crust, etc. Just google it, you’ll find a million ways to use this magical tool.

Once you’re convinced this is something you need in your life, you’ll quickly realize there are million different shapes and sizes. I’ll list a couple of favorites for any budget below:

– The Top Rated: This food processor for $149 is everything a home chef could need. If you’re ready to take the plunge on a food processor, this one will not disappoint!

– The First Timer: Convinced you’re ready to try a food processor, but don’t want to make the large investment? Start with one like this for only $39.99. It’s smaller, but allows you to get your toes wet to see if you’re going to like/use something like this.

– The Best on a Budget: This option at only $44.99 is a great one. It has amazing reviews and its not much more than the first timer option I’ve listed above.

Tool #7: Hand Mixer

Hand mixers are the most handy little tools and your forearms will thank you the minute you decide you have a hankering for some homemade whipped cream, or need egg whites whipped to stiff peaks for Belgium waffles. There was a very brief period of time when I didn’t have a hand mixer and it didn’t take long before I realized how beneficial having one truly is. So much so, that even though I had one in storage awaiting unboxing in our new house, I bought another one so that I could have it in our temporary home. Let me just say, my hand mixer will always be considered essential moving forward.

Again, like food processors, you’ll find a wide variety, and while you can find some very inexpensive hand mixers (even as low a $10) that will do the job, you will thank yourself for getting one that has a large range of speeds like this one here for $79.99. The beauty of this one is that it also includes other attachments to meet all of your mixing or blending needs.

Tool #8: Nested Mixing Bowls

I know I’ve used ‘favorite’ a lot throughout this list, but this one takes the cake. These bowls have been so handy since I’ve purchased them, I would never buy another set of mixing bowls again. This set comes with a wide variety of sizes that all fit within each other so it takes up minimal cabinet space. Another great feature of these bowls are the silicon along the bottom to keep them from sliding on your counters when in use. They also have lids and are dishwasher safe! Just fantastic. The best part, they are only $34.99 for 7 bowls! That’s only $5 a bowl!

Tool #9: Meat Chopper

Meat and potatoes…YUM! This handy little tool really makes cooking up ground meat or mashing potatoes super simple. It’s not only for meat and potatoes though, you can use this tool to mash bananas for a yummy banana bread, for mashing apples for a delish homemade apple sauce. The function of this tool will stretch as far as your imagination. For only $9.99 you’ll find it’s value quickly!

Tool #10: Snap on Strainer

Last but not least, I think this tool speaks for itself. It saves you time, extra dishes, and really is a genius invention. You can see here that this tool at only $10.88, can fit a wide variety of pot and pan sizes and rivals the price of regular strainers with a much easier use. This also takes up way less space in your cabinets so if you need a space saving solution, this is your tool.

Thanks for checking out my Top 10 life changing kitchen tools. If you have questions or would like to share some of your favorites, please do so in the comments below!

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❤ Always,

Lady Life Hack

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Life Changing Kitchen Tools

  1. Nice list! I definitely need the grape slicer…haha! I have the apple slicer and I use is to make potato wedges. Thanks for sharing! – Brie


    1. Thank you 🙏 Yes the grape slicer is definitely one of those items that you don’t realize how handy it is until you have one! And potato wedges with the apple slicer sounds amazing! Great tip 💜💜💜


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